A simple printer driver.
with a huge impact.

Bonsai trims the world’s need for paper – saving receipts, invoices and documents, straight to your Fasetto folder.

How it works

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Whether in retail, hospitality, law, health, or administration – Bonsai can streamline your business substantially.

Offer paperless receipts

There is not a need to ask customers for an email address
Offer paperless receipts
  • In a store, gas station,
    or restaurant…

    At the end of a transaction, press print on your POS
    Ask for your customer’s unique code and scan
    A digital receipt will be saved to their account, and yours
  • In a medical or law office, where privacy is everything…

    Select print on any private document
    Ask for your patient/client's unique code, and enter
    A digital copy is saved to their Fasetto account

Save & share all ‘paperwork’ digitally

Organise everything automatically
Save & share all ‘paperwork’ digitally

Selecting ‘Print’ automatically saves a digital copy of any file into your Fasetto.

Share pay slips, policies and records with staff
Keep digital copies of all your accounts
Secure & encrypted transfers mean everything is safe

The benefits to you

Save money

Reduce the amount of money spent on paper, ink and resources


Automatically store receipts (and all customer paperwork) – sort by relevancy, department, or employee name


Offer a sustainable solution to offset your environmental impact.

Be a game-changer


All data is fully encrypted so that it stays between you and the recipient only

The benefits to your service

How will this benefit your customers, clients, patients…

No more paper!

Customers can automatically collect all their receipts in one place.

No more stuffing endless paper into their wallet!

Accessible on any device or operating system

Windows, iOS or Android – it’s all good

Customizable folders

Setting their receipts to save into folders that make sense to them

Easy to share

Sharing receipts with their business partner, or accountant.

Send a link, or share access to any folder

Put an end to the overload of physical receipts and paperwork. Become truly paperless and get yourself digitally organized.

Save & Share all ‘paperwork’ digitally

Organise everything, automatically.
Save & share all ‘paperwork’ digitally

From any device, when selecting ‘Print’ on a document, you can automatically save a copy into your Fasetto account.

No wifi or network signal required
Secure, encrypted transfers mean everything is safe
Simply download Bonsai and off you go

Collect receipts digitally

(No more email receipts and related spam)
Collect receipts digitally

Whether it is a receipt from a store, gas station, or restaurant…

You simply show your unique code
They scan it or enter in your unique code
A digital receipt is saved to your Fasetto account in the designated folder of your choosing
Want to see this happen quicker?

The benefits to you

No more paper!

Automatically collect all your receipts in one place

No more stuffing endless paper into your wallet!

Accessible on any device or operating system

Windows, iOS or Android – it’s all good

Customizable folders

Set your receipts and documents to save into customized folders of your choosing

Easy to share

Send a link or share access to any folder.

Download Bonsai

For Windows

Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10

For Mac & iOS

Coming Soon

Digitizing your files saves paper

Natural resources used to produce paper
Energy used to produce paper
1.5 lbs of coal
is used to produce just 1lb of finished paper
11,134 kwh
is used to make 1 ton of copy paper
That’s the average household’s energy consumption for a entire year
24 trees
are used to make just 1 ton of printing paper
Waste created by producing 1 ton of paper
19,075 gallons
of waste water are produced
5,690 lbs
of greenhouse gases produced.
That’s the equivalent of 6 months of car exhaust fumes
2,278 lbs
of solid waste are produced

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